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Leaf Pattern Design
Things have consequences
April—May 2024
Deadline to submit:
March 31, 2024
Resist - a photo of a lit match


Unleash Your Masterpieces in Our Online Photographic Art Exhibition!

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Calling all talented photographers! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming online exhibition—ACTION:REACTION— where you'll have the chance to showcase your incredible photographic masterpieces to the world. This is your opportunity to let your talent shine and captivate art enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

Photographers are invited to submit images that explore the cause-and-effect relationships, the moments of impact, and the chain reactions that shape our lives and environment.



This exhibition will be held virtually on our website, Please submit high-quality images of your work which will be used for the online gallery. Artwork will be for sale, but NOT-FOR-SALE work is acceptable also.

Join us in celebrating the dynamic interplay of ACTION:REACTION through the lens of your camera! Our digital showcase is a testament to the boundless creativity, fervor, and transformative essence of photography. We warmly extend an invitation to you to share your most captivating creations that explore the cause-and-effect relationships, the moments of impact, and the chain reactions that shape our lives and environment, whether they encapsulate awe-inspiring landscapes, emotive portraits, or avant-garde expressions that push the limits of imagination.


Seize this opportunity to unveil your exceptional work to a global audience. Take the plunge and unveil your artistic prowess! Together, let's craft an unparalleled visual narrative that resonates deeply with art aficionados worldwide.


View our previous exhibition:


**Submission Guidelines:**


- Open to all photographers over 18.

- The entry fee is $35 for up to five photographs. (These fees go to paying the jurors, awarding the prizes and publishing the exhibition catalogue).

- Present up to 5 of your finest high-resolution photographs.

- Ensure your entries align with our exhibition's thematic essence and uphold artistic excellence.


**Application Deadline:** Extended to March 31


**Notification of Acceptance:** April 1


**Exhibition Dates:** April 1 — May 31



**Selection Process:**


A distinguished panel comprising two acclaimed photographers and an art connoisseur will meticulously evaluate each entry. Chosen photographs will grace our exclusive digital exhibition, captivating art enthusiasts across the globe.


**Benefits of Participation:**


  • Garner international acclaim and exposure for your photographic endeavors.

  • Forge connections with fellow creatives and art aficionados spanning the globe.

  • Join a prestigious digital showcase spotlighting the diversity and brilliance of contemporary photography.


But wait! There’s more...


  • A cash award of $200 and one copy of the exhibition catalogue will be given to the First Place entry and the photographer will be offered a free gallery in the FEATURED section of our  website. This winning entry will also be promoted on social media. 

  • The Second Place entry will be given a cash award of $100 and one copy of the exhibition catalogue and promotion on social media.

  • The Third Place entry will be given a cash award of $50 and will be promoted on social media.

  • Digital Badges will be given to all accepted entries, suitable for promoting your achievement on social media.

  • Artwork will be for sale, but NOT FOR SALE (NFS) work is acceptable also. The gallery will keep 30% of the sale price — the photographer keeps 70%.



We eagerly anticipate uncovering and showcasing your exceptional talent! Don't miss out on the chance to captivate the world with your masterpieces. Submit now and let your artistry shine!

1. Eligibility: Open to all photographers over the age of 18 at the time of submission may apply for the exhibition.

2. Originality of Artwork: All submitted artwork must be original creations of the photographer. Any violation of the intellectual property rights or others, including copyright, will result in disqualification from consideration.

3. Entry Fees: Fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the submission. Entry fees contribute to the cash prizes, stipend to the jurors and production of the catalogue.

4. Image Usage: By submitting their photographs, the photographers agree to allow Decagon Gallery to display  their works in the exhibition and to promote the gallery. Proper credit will be given to the photographers. The photographers retain full rights to their images, including copyright.

Submit Below

Submit on CaFÉ

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Submit to Action:Reaction

Submissions are offered to all photographers over the age of 18, anywhere in the world. 

You retain the copyright to your photograph, and if your photo is accepted you agree to allow Decagon Gallery to use it to promote the exhibition and the website.


Your files must be set to 2000 pixels wide, saved as jpg or jpeg, and be less than 2 mb (that's the size of the closed file).

Format your images at 2000 pixels wide, set to 72 ppi. The maximum file size is 2 MB.


Before you upload, name the file like this:

First Name-Last Name_Title.jpg   (eg. Peter-Gore_Tea Service.jpg)

tea service

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

You agree to allow Decagon Gallery LLC to use your photo(s), if accepted, in this or another exhibition and for promotion of the exhibition and the gallery, and to include it in a YouTube video limited to this exhibition. You also agree to have your photo(s) reproduced in the exhibition catalogue that will be made available for sale. You attest that you are the proper copyright owner and that you are not infringing on anyone else's rights. Your photo will never be distributed to anyone at all.     

The dimensions of your prints are in...

This is the size of your PRINT, not the size of the JPEG file.

Upload File
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Thank you! We're looking forward to seeing your photographs.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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