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Exploring the Power of Storytelling in Photography

November-December 2023

As The Dust Settles.jpg

"Fiction is the truth inside a lie."

Stephen King

We are thrilled to announce our newest photo exhibition: "Fictional Narrative". This exhibition celebrates the art of imaginary storytelling and invites photographers to submit their most captivating, evocative, and narrative-driven images.

  • A cash award of $300 and one copy of the exhibition catalogue* will be given to the First Place entry. This winning entry will also be promoted on social media.

  • The Second Place entry will be given one copy of the exhibition catalogue* and promotion on social media.

  • The Third Place entry will be promoted on social media.

We're looking for images that tell an imaginary story, convey an emotion, or capture an artificial moment in time. The possibilities are endless: you might submit a portrait that pretends to capture the essence of a person, a landscape that evokes a sense of a place that doesn't exist, or a still life that suggests a larger invented narrative.

Entries will be judged on their technical merit, visual impact, and narrative power. The fee for submission is $30 for up to five images. The accepted entries will be showcased in an online exhibition from mid-November through the month of December, a video will be uploaded to YouTube, and an exhibition catalog will be available for purchase.

*Recipient must be located in a country or region to which Blurb Books ships. Decagon Gallery takes no responsibility for shipments lost in transit, delayed or damaged.

Juror: Gallery Committee

Submissions open now.

Deadline: November 10


Anchor entry form
Submissions are now closed for Fictional Narrative.
Submit to Fictional Narrative

Submissions are offered to all photographers over the age of 18, anywhere in the world. 

You retain the copyright to your photograph, and if your photo is accepted you agree to allow Decagon Gallery to use it to promote the exhibition and the website.


Your files must be set to 1500 pixels wide, saved as jpg or jpeg, and be less than 2 mb (that's the size of the closed file).

Format your images at 1500 pixels wide, set to 72 ppi. The maximum file size is 2 MB.


Before you upload, name the file like this:

First Name-Last Name_Title.jpg   (eg. Peter-Gore_Tea Service.jpg)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

You agree to allow Decagon Gallery LLC to use your photo(s), if accepted, in this or another exhibition and for promotion of the exhibition and the gallery, and to include it in a YouTube video limited to this exhibition. You also agree to have your photo(s) reproduced in the exhibition catalogue that will be made available for sale. You attest that you are the proper copyright owner and that you are not infringing on anyone else's rights. Your photo will never be distributed to anyone at all.     

The dimensions of your prints are in...

This is the size of your PRINT, not the size of the JPEG file.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you! We're looking forward to seeing your photographs.

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