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The Blue Planet - Ksenia Rybka

In addition to gracing the cover of the Flash #7 catalogue, Ksenia Rybka's moving celestial photograph is September's Photo Of The Month. We asked Ksenia to describe her work.

The Blue Planet — Ksenia Rybka
The Blue Planet — Ksenia Rybka

"Astronomy is actually one of my hobbies, and I was just thinking about celestial objects, the way they are portrayed in culture, art, science, religion, literature, and the role they play in our lives while I was on an astronomy trip in the Atacama desert. They have guided sailors on uncharted seas, informed the timing of agricultural cycles, and served as markers for festivals and rituals. In mythology and religion, the stars have been deified as gods and woven into creation stories that attempt to explain the origins of the universe. For example, Mars was a god of war, Venus — a goddess of beauty and love, Jupiter — the lord of the sky and father of other gods. But even nowadays, the planets are of great interest. Most of them are still mysteries for scientists, while modern writers and poets weave tales of cosmic journeys and celestial metaphors that reflect the human experience.

"As we gaze skyward, we are reminded of our place in the universe — a humbling experience that raises many questions and also sparks contemplation and creativity. “The Blue Planet” is about finding your place in the world, being lonely, seeking home. But it’s also about the fragility of our planet, the complex relationships between people and nature, and the ecological problems we are facing. It is about our present and future."

- Ksenia Rybka

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