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Many of you have sent questions regarding the proposed section of Decagon Gallery intended to sell your prints. Here is an ever-growing list of these questions and their answers, to the best of my ability.

This page will obviously grow as more issues arise, so check back again.


Q: What are the fees and commissions for selling on this site?

A: There are no fees for applying, joining or selling on this site. If your work sells, the gallery will take a 25% commission of the profit (the sale price minus the printing and shipping costs). You will have the opportunity to set the amount due to you upon a sale.

Q: Will the commission for selling my photograph always remain the same?

A: For your photos, yes. Any photograph on this site will always be subject to the same fee/commission structure (75% - 25%) that exists for you now. But we reserve the right to change that for future submissions if we find it necessary.


Q: Are frames available to be purchased with my prints?
A: I'm glad you asked! We are now offering the option to sell your prints in a variety of frames, and even as Canvas and Metal prints. Although customers can not order these options as immediately as they can order just the prints, there is a visible link for them to learn more and to submit a request. Decagon Gallery will answer their questions quickly, giving them a quote for the specific option they are interested in. Once they agree, it will be easy for them to pay and order the print. You can see the form here:

Q. Are our profits increased if we sell a framed print, or a canvas or metal print?

A. Yes! We will add 10% of the cost of the frame, canvas or metal to the total price. That additional 10% will be subject to the same profit / commission schedule as the prints (75% to you, 25% to the gallery).


Q: What papers are available for my prints?

A: The default paper is Luster, but you may opt for Archival Matte, Glossy, Semi-Matte, Picture Rag, Somerset Velvet, Watercolor or Metallic.

Q: What is the quality of the printing service used?

A. That's hard to quantify but know that I consider this to be "Very Good" but not "Museum Quality". If you are used to making limited edition signed prints that sell for a huge amount of money, this may not be for you. But many art photographers sell this way. You decide.

Q: Where are my photographs printed? Who does it?

A: Good question. Decagon Gallery posts your photos in its own store and collects the money from the customers, but the engine it uses to print and ship is FineArtAmerica. So when an order comes in we just jump over to that site and have them print it, ship it and charge any sales tax if applicable.

Unless we hear from you to the contrary, your files remain on FineArtAmerica and are even offered for sale on that platform in addition to being sold on Decagon Gallery. The prices charged are slightly higher and the money you receive (and the gallery commission) will reflect this. It's just another venue to sell your photos. As time goes on, we will be offering the prints on other platforms as well. And likewise, your profits from those sites will be the same or greater than what they are on Decagon Gallery.

In rare instances we may rely on a different printer. For instance, in order to charge a lesser shipping fee we may have a printer in another country fulfill the order.

Q: How are the prints shipped?

A: They ship rolled in a tube. And they ship internationally.


Q: How can you guarantee that my images won't be misused, and that my ownership of these images won't be compromised?

A: On the internet, anything can be lifted and used without permission. Even the low resolution photos you post on Instagram and Facebook can be taken without your knowledge. I can not give you that guarantee, but I can suggest that you copyright your images. That at least affords you the right to go after anyone who misuses your photographs.


Q: How long will it take before your service becomes active?

A: The service is active now, but it's taking time to add more of your photographs. There have been hundreds of submissions. Please be patient and I'll keep you up to date.

Q: You didn't accept my photos. Does that mean you hate them?

A: Yes.

No, of course not! We love your work. Please realize that not every good photograph will be a successful seller. I make my choices based on what I think has a good possibility of being sold to an appreciative collector. There's no use in going through the motions of putting a photo up for sale if we have a strong feeling that it won't sell.


Q: When my print sells, how will I get paid?

A: When we receive an order for your print the buyer will send the total amount to us (Decagon Gallery). We will then place the order with the printing service and pay them directly. They will then print and deliver the photograph to the customer, who will then have 7 business days to approve the print. Once we get that approval, we will send you your money by PayPal (although we can also arrange to use Venmo). At some point soon, we will ask you to give us your PayPall address for our files.


Q: How should we price my prints? I haven't a clue.

A: Please know that there are plenty of websites where photographers sell their pictures for $15 and up. We will never compete with them, nor do we want to. On the other hand, there are photographers who sell their prints for tens of thousands of dollars. It's nice to dream, but that is NOT going to happen. Not here.

So dear photographers, let's aim for a price that's "believable", given the context of who we are, while not giving away the store. I suggest you let me know that you want a profit of between $100 and $500 per size. Maybe less on the high end, maybe more on the low end. Whatever we set is not going to satisfy every customer, and it can always be changed.

Q: Are there other places online where I can sell my photographs?

A: Absolutely. Here are a few: - Free to list your art and probably the most well known site for selling online. - Free for up to 25 images. Offers ways to sell prints and merchandise. - Free to list.


Q: What about tax reporting?

A: For photographers in the USA we will need to send you a 1099 for each year we pay you $600 or more. Let's not worry about it now — when you make a sale we will ask for your information.


Q: Can I fulfill the orders myself? I like doing my own printing (or I have a printer I like to work with)

A: That's a great idea! Here's the deal: We take the order, collect the money, give you all the details and when your customer receives and approves your print we will send you the money. And for this, our commission will only be 15% and your share will be 85% plus the charges we would have paid for printing and shipping.

Let us know if you want to work this way.


Q. What's the deal with coupons? Who pays for the discounts?

A. There are three types of coupon codes:

     1. The code you have that's specific to your prints, and that you can send out to your contacts, will reduce your profit and the gallery's commission by the discounted amount. In other words, we both share in giving the discount.

     2. The gallery occasionally sends out its own coupons to try to entice potential customers to buy from the site. This discount is paid for entirely by Decagon Gallery. So if you see one of these coupons advertised, don't worry—you won't earn any less from your sales.

     3. You have the right to request a special coupon code. You decide the percentage of the discount, or even a dollar amount, and decide which of your prints it will apply to. You can even determine a date that the code will end, or that it would end after a certain amount of sales. This discount will be deducted from your profit, and the gallery will still take its commission on the original price.


Q: My print editions are limited. Can I still sell on the Decagon Gallery website?

A: Absolutely. We will indicate that your edition is limited and we will be sure not to sell more than that. Your customers will also know that the photograph is offered in a limited edition.

Q. My photograph look better printed on a matte paper. Can you do that:

A. Yes. As stated above, you can specify that your photographs be printed on Luster (the default), Archival Matte, Glossy, Semi-Matte, Picture Rag, Somerset Velvet, Watercolor or Metallic. Just let me know.

Q: I would like to: explain my process, include my bio, tell more about myself, put a link to my website. Can you do that for me?

A. Gladly! You send me the information and I will include it.


Q: Where else will my photographs be for sale?

A: The gallery is extending its presence onto other venues where sales can be facilitated. We are actively adding listings to eBay, ArtPal and FineArtAmerica. Please note that the prices you see on these other platforms are slightly higher than on Decagon Gallery due to the added fees and commissions charged. For instance, eBay charges 13.25% plus 30¢ so the prices are adjusted to reflect that. In all cases, your profits will remains the same and in some cases will be a bit higher.


I will answer your questions as they come in and post them here.

Thank you all for everything!

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