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Leaf Pattern Design

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The photo "Mont St Michel" belongs to the "ILLUSION OF THE REAL" 2023 project.

This is actually augmented reality, which we have long been accustomed to. It is impossible to walk along well-known tourist routes, stand near masterpieces of painting, or even meet a beautiful dawn without being surrounded by other travelers. We have less and less opportunity to be alone with the sights of the past, unique landscapes, etc.

So the author, using photos from his travels over many years, artificially adds illusory images to them, which change the permanent beauty of the landscapes. But they are not distorted by the tourist crowd, but create a new reality, art objects that inspire new meanings in the well-known.


Illya Bel, 

born in 1974 in Kyiv.

Over ten years of successful work in art photography.

Numerous personal and group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

The main creative idea: photography without limitations, trying to go beyond the image in his works, connecting space and time as elements of creativity.

2022 - joined the National Union of Photographic Artists of Ukraine.

About own creativity:

"We value photography for the opportunity to document the present, to leave the beauty of our universe to future generations, and the memory of the people near us. But it’s for long crossed the boundaries of simple fixation. Photography is creativity, self-expression, therapy, as well as prediction. Relying on the archives of the past, recording and creatively interpreting the today, we model the future." 

-Illya Bel


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