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Wounded Ukrainian Warriors

A tribute to those who have given so much in the defence of their country.

photo essay by Oksana Kami

Free Azov

Every Ukrainian defender I meet has a story that astounds me… It’s hard to imagine what these people have been through, what they’ve seen and what they feel. However, their stories help us all to become at least a little braver, and clearly understand that we all can do a little bit more to help not only Ukraine and Ukrainians, but also help democracies stand up for themselves and survive against dictatorships.
Most of these warriors came to the US for rehabilitation through “Revived Soldiers Ukraine”, a non-profit organization which provides medical treatment to the wounded Ukrainian defenders. They take on the most difficult cases. However, even when bodies of our heroes are injured, they stay incredibly powerful, and if I may say - beautiful. Their beauty is filled with a complex of what they’ve been through, what they are still going through, their views, the way they think, their depth and inner feelings. I believe it’s important to help these brave, incredible people accept themselves, and their new reality, and make them believe they are powerful enough to continue building their lives.

- Oksana Kami

The Warriors:

Oksana Kami is a Ukrainian artist, poet and photographer now living in Chicago. She studied art history at Lviv National Academy of Art, and after graduating with an MA, she pursued photography.

Wounded Ukrainian Warriors is produced in conjunction with Decagon Gallery, Brooklyn NY

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