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Leaf Pattern Design

ANDREA ZINN Floral Still Lifes

Brooklyn, NY

I come to photography with a painter's eye. For me, it's about the light. Sunlight, shadows, reflections and transparency. Light bouncing off reflective surfaces, light revealing structure. Objects illuminated, objects emerging from darkness

I am particularly interested in exploring aspects of light, pattern and texture. I love to find unexpected details; the things right under our noses that we don’t take the time to see. I often use the monumentality of a close-up to provide an immersive viewpoint that allows me to explore the way that light defines a surface or reveals the delicacy of a flower.

The fullness of bloom lives in the moment. What was once alive leaves a remnant behind – an empty shell, a white bone, a withered stalk. Objects evoke the lives of the people who handled them. They come together in a landscape of memories arranged in the chiaroscuro of natural light. A reminder of life, a reminder of its completion.


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