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Leaf Pattern Design

Atsumi Takemoto

The carp is a symbol of strength and success.

The origin of “Koinobori” is a historical event in ancient China.

In the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China, there is a waterfall called “Longmen”. Under it, many fish gather and try to climb that waterfall.

I heard that only a few carp can climb the waterfall and become dragons.

I am putting into this series the thought that the key to strength and success is always the accumulation of weakness and failure.

In short, weakness and failure are the basis of success.

That there is no waste in life. I feel the weight of this every day.

I also want to fail a lot in the future. (Too much of it is unbearable, though!!!) I have been shooting steadily for 10 years and am still in production.


Carp climbs up a waterfall

"I don't believe that photography is a medium that ends after the picture is taken.
It may be an art that requires a long process of trial and error before and especially after the photograph is taken."

- Atsumi Takemoto

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