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Leaf Pattern Design

Colin Ward

Colin Ward portrait_edited_edited.jpg

"In a world often overshadowed by negativity, my photography is a deliberate focus on the beauty inherent in humanity. Through genuine moments of joy, connection, and everyday grace, I strive to provide a counterbalance to prevailing narratives of discord. Each frame is an ode to the strength, uniqueness, and shared experiences that bind us together. I aim to create a visual sanctuary, inviting viewers to momentarily escape the negativity and nd solace in the uplifting narratives of our collective human experience."

-Colin Ward

Colin is a positive person and finds the constant negativity in the news and on the media to be frustrating and depressing. What better way to be positive than to create magnicent images of the human form in stunning settings. His images, which may be found on this website, are his response to negativity.
He hopes that the photographs on these pages provide joy to the viewer.

People of Florida

Colin has exhibited his photos in many galleries and events. Notable among these are the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, Miami Art Week, Five Deuces, The Arts Exchange and Art at 400 in St. Petersburg, and the DRV Gallery in Gulfport, FL. His work has also been exhibited at Decagon Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR.

People of Florida

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