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Leaf Pattern Design

Diana Naccarato


In Summer 2022, as an Artist-in-Residence at Kunstraum, in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY, I began a series of drawings and paintings that reference the city’s beaches and coastal parks. In the mornings, I walked in Marine Park’s salt marshes, Fort Tilden’s hiking trails, and along Rockaway Beach’s shorelines, noting sounds and visuals that are often in flux due to frequent flooding and stronger storms. During these walks, whenever I saw something moving in an interesting way, like a reed swaying or the crashing tide, I stopped and recorded video or sound for one minute, and took photographs. This was a meditative practice that was as much about slowing down as it was about noticing subtle shifts in how the landscape is shaped. Then, I went to my studio and worked on abstract drawings and paintings based on these videos, field recordings and photographs. I looked for structure within the rhythms, with a goal of being as open and abstract as possible. These are the drawings and paintings that I then photograph and layer in Photoshop to create this new photographic works.

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