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Leaf Pattern Design

Ileana Montaño


Ileana, originally from Mexico City, is a professional in graphic communications and advertising. She completed her studies in San Diego, California, and then returned to Mexico City. She began her professional career working as a copywriter, graphic designer, and creative director at several advertising agencies. However, a strong artistic inclination, particularly in painting and photography, soon became her calling.
Ileana embarked on a path of exploration, delving into painting techniques and skillfully merging her photography and computer graphics skills to develop a unique visual expression. Today, she is an independent visual artist and photographer. Her artistic prowess has earned international recognition and accolades, including honors from prestigious organizations such as the Mobile Photo Awards, Mobile Camera Club, the Gala Awards (Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers), Tokyo International Foto Awards, Better Photography Magazine, Mobiography Awards, Mobgraphia Cultura Visual and Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide, from Brazil and South Korea to the United States, Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Argentina. In 2017, Ileana unveiled her debut solo exhibition, "Fragmentos de Luz," in Mexico City, marking a significant milestone in her artistic journey. She has also been featured in and collaborated with influential blogs focused on mobile art and photography. Most recently, in 2023, Ileana published and presented her first book, titled "L'ego meurtri. Hommage à Gilbert Garcin."

Through her art, Ileana endeavors to evoke profound sensations. Her creations are a fusion of intertwined images and narratives, infused with her own emotions and feelings. She finds inspiration in life's minutiae and aims to transform them into emotionally resonant works that forge connections and strike a chord with the collective human experience.

instagram: @ilemusi

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