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Leaf Pattern Design

Nikos Sola


"Western media tells two stories of the people of Palestine, that of the aggressor or, less often, that of the victim. What neither do is introduce the character of the daily lives of the real people living within these walls.


These images seek to combat the false reality propagated by those mainstream stories. Instead, they serve to celebrate the diverse and ordinary moments of mothers and brothers, construction workers and barbers, those with special needs and their able-bodied peers. These are people who are not just enduring and reacting to a brutal occupation but also, of course, living their lives.


We cannot ignore those we have met."

- Nikos Sola


— inPalestine —

The fabric of social and racial injustice Nikos Sola saw in his upbringing introduced him to malevolent and systematic oppression. Nikos’ work as a documentary photographer and filmmaker reflects this interest in social and political constructs that confine, divide, and unite populations. He is drawn to those Western society has deemed unimportant, and his social reportage in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and across North America pulls from this interest in human behavior.


Nikos holds a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design, and his most recent show features work from his time spent living in Nablus, Palestine. Additional recent reportage features populations throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and North America.

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