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Depository: The Self Portraits

Maltbie-Davis Portrait

Shannon Maltbie-Davis is a visual artist based in Basehor, Kansas. She received a BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Visual Communications from Kansas State University. She has worked as a graphic designer and marketing assistant at The Coleman Company, an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Friends University, and the Communications Program Director at Friends University. After leaving the workforce to focus on her family and raise her two sons, she returned to her love of art by pursuing a BFA in Photography at the University of Kansas.


She utilizes her background in graphic design and visual communications to inform and construct the compositions within her photographs. By balancing the elements and principles of design with the conceptual layering of visual information and textures, Shannon aspires to produce artwork that resonates with the viewer.

Depository is a collection of self-portraits that portrays her internal condition. The ideas she chooses to visually illustrate are based on personal reflection. The culmination of deep introspection on the person she thinks she is and the person she wants to become. Photography becomes a form of self-healing. The images produced are a vessel to hold her thoughts, emotions, and feelings. A physical space to discard and store the weaker portions of herself as she continually strives to evolve into a better person.


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