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Art From Their Portfolios

In this moment, as Ukraine faces an existential threat to its existence with bravery and determination, let’s take a moment to recognize the unfailing talent exhibited by so many of its artists. In particular, Decagon Gallery would like to express its admiration and respect for all Ukrainian photographers, especially those who have honored us by sharing their vision within these gallery pages. To their credit, they continue to reach deep within their souls to produce impactful images — photographs that inspire us, capture our imaginations, and remind us all that art can thrive even under the most dire circumstances. We owe it to these artists to allow their images to reach into our souls, and to awaken within us their shared sense of beauty and purpose.

Thank you for visiting this gallery — by doing so, you join me in honoring these photographers. Each and every one of them deeply appreciates the attention you give to their art, and as director I encourage you to share this exhibit with your friends and family. Let us keep the works of all these creative photographers alive in our conscience, and to show our respect and admiration for what they do.

~ John Manno / gallery director

Thanks to Victoria Sorochuck for translating

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