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Still Life Stories

Victoria Glinka portrait

Victoria Glinka creates conceptual still life photos which she calls “Still life stories”. Victoria loves to tell stories about people with the help of pears, chess figures, pegs etc.

Her photos were published in Vogue Portugal, Kingfolk, Digital Camera, Digital Photo, Fotokoch, Shades of Grey, PHOTOGRAPHIZE “2020 best selected” and other magazines.

Her achievements include the PSA Gold medal and many exhibitions all over the world:

Art Week in Berlin 2012 Berlin (The first prize in category ART PHOTO) "Contemporary Photography" 2012 Lisbon
"Gezira International Contemporary Photography" 2014 Egypt
"The world by women's eyes" 2014 Israel

1x Decade Prime Works Exhibition 2018 Shanghai

International exhibition-competition "Art-Portrait". 2018 (First place in the "Group Portrait" category and first place in the "Portrait of a child" category)

Solo exhibition in France Spread Museum Citadelle dÉntrevaux 2021 France

Exhibition in Egypt World Art Forum. Cairo. National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. January 2022 Egypt

Exhibition in the USA SPACE GALLERY ST BARTH & SOHO 2022. USA

PSY in ART - PSYCHOLOGY in ART in Serbia 2023 (The first prize in category ART PHOTO)

Viktoria’s works are presented at Duncan Miller Gallery.


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