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Jorge Ferreira

Diary Of MyStrange Condition

Jorge Ferreira diary

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Jorge Ferreira is a graphic and industrial designer who lives in Braga, Portugal, and he has always been passionate about photography. In 2003, he founded his own design company, and although he is still involved in the world of design, he sees photography as an escape from his superficial reality. He enjoys capturing emotional and creative records of the environment around him through street, candid, and documentary photography.

"Diary of My Strange Condition" takes us on a visual journey through a collection of images that engage the viewer in a photographic introspection of the artist's mind. Through a world of juxtapositions and overlapping perspectives, where reality meets imagination and the everyday intertwines with the surreal, each photograph presents a unique way of looking. The viewer is invited to immerse themselves in the complexity and beauty of the unusual. The camera is not just a tool, but an extension of the photographer's mind, capturing fleeting moments and transforming them into visual stories that challenge conventional perception.

The artist immerses himself in the gaze by turning on the radar of his creative mind involving the observer in a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the familiar becomes strange. Each image is a window into a personal universe, and reality unfolds unexpectedly.

Allow yourself to be transported by the diversity of perspectives and experience the creative catharsis that can only be found in the unique perspective of the artist.

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