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Richard Murrin



A few words about myself. I am a contemporary realist artist and 

photographer based in Kent, southeast England. I've specialised

in figurative and astronomical artwork for more than fifty years,

principally interested visually in all that is perceived as magic.

My love of photography was sparked when I borrowed my 

mother's 1924 Brownie Box Camera No 2, with which I took my 

first pictures in 1957 in France, Belgium and Holland. 

Subsequently, I have travelled abroad just about every year 

since then. I continued to use that camera throughout the 1960s and also I bought a half frame camera in Woolworths for seven shillings and sixpence in 1960, which I carried everywhere, until it was smashed by a falling rock whilst fossil hunting at Lyme Regis (Dorset) in 1962.

None of this seemed like a very promising start, but the years that followed have fortunately allowed me to continue my joint passions of travel and photography to capture the images you see here, plus very many more.

I studied at Hammersmith & Camberwell Colleges of art in the 1960s, have a Fine Art degree and I am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Widely travelled, I have had a very extensive view of the world, which has provided me with some remarkable sources of inspiration for my paintings. Also, I have produced photographs & illustrations for newspapers, books & magazines, made digital illustrations for various media, been a guest lecturer in Art and Astronomy and exhibited paintings and prints internationally. I regularly exhibited at the Blackheath Gallery, Queens Gallery, Great Queen Street, London, & the Window Gallery at Brighton 1985-1990, commenced online sales in 1998 & participated in group shows from 2014 -2019 at the Strand & Menier Galleries in London.

Visiting such a multitude of landscapes, climates, peoples and cultures has been a truly rewarding and inspiring experience and I hope that by viewing these images you can share some of that with me.

My photographic style is precise, having a strong focus on landscapes, atmosphere and intricate architectural detailing, alongside scenes of ‘in your face’ everyday life, used as a way to visually communicate a sense of place & time. I hope you like them!

You can view a collection of my travel photographs here as well as buy prints in a range of sizes.

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