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Leaf Pattern Design

The Beauty of Still Life

The Essence of The Genre

August 2023

Decagon Gallery is proud to announce the finalists in the online exhibition, THE BEAUTY OF STILL LIFE.

A cash prize of $300 has been awarded to the First Place entry "Remembered".

Congratulations to photographer Dan Meylor.

From the simple beauty of a vase of flowers to the intricate details of a carefully arranged group of found objects, these images celebrate the artistry and meaning of still life photography. They offer a glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the world around us, and invite us to reflect on the ways in which everyday objects can inspire and delight us.

Presented here are 31 photographs chosen from entries from around the world.

Interested in purchasing a print? Write to us at: and we will forward your email to the photographer. The gallery does not take a commission on sales. 

Juror's note:

This is truly an extraordinary photo exhibition. This captivating collection showcases the essence of still life photography and of ordinary objects. Each photograph tells a unique story, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty found in the ordinary. The exhibition presents a diverse range of styles and techniques, expanding our understanding an appreciation for the artistry of still life photography.

Dan Meylor

Przemysław Gawłowski

Norma Warden

Pamela Beck

Liana Asol

Andrea Zinn

Monika Malewska

Yulia Kapustynska

Umberto Romagnoli

Carol Ginandes

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