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World Class Photographers

Curated Exhibitions


                                         is an online photography gallery based in Brooklyn, NY that offers photographers several curated platforms to showcase their work and connect with art enthusiasts worldwide.

The gallery maintains a robust online presence through its website and social media, as it aims to promote itself through email marketing, social media, and collaborations with other art organizations.

The gallery presents several kinds of exhibitions: 


• Our “FLASH” exhibits are free to submit and have no fees to participate. In other words, they are completely free. Our purpose is to open the online gallery experience to all photographers without burdening them financially. Look for a new FLASH exhibit several times a year.


• Our standard exhibitions are more formal—there is an entry fee, and they offer a cash prize for the most outstanding photographs. This encourages our artists to keep striving for excellence, and for our viewers to keep coming back for more. 

• FEATURED is an ever growing section where we present some of our favorite photographers.

• Be sure to explore the SOLO SHOW area. These exhibits are dedicated to a single photographer who has been chosen by the curatorial team for their unique style and contribution to the photographic community.

Prints are available for sale.

Consider supporting our artists.

What We Do:

Decagon Gallery

And How We Do It:


All exhibitions will be individually published in a printed exhibition catalog which can be ordered online. In addition, all exhibits will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as a short video.


Get inspired and explore the world of Decagon Gallery today!

             See our current open calls here >>

Photo of The Week
ingrida Urbonavičienė FRIENDSHIP.jpg


Ingrida Urbonavičienė


  • Congratulations to Andrea Zinn, who will exhibit her photograph Green Carnations in the prestigious Chelsea International Photography Competition at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, NY. The show runs from February 20 — 27. From the press release: "Drawing inspiration from 17th-century Dutch paintings, Zinn's careful consideration of natural light and detailed nuances animates the essence of traditional still life."

  • Dan McCormack is having a Solo show of his nudes photos at the Art Society of Kingston (NY) from Feb 3 — 25.   (See Dan's solo show on this website)

  • View Lord Bison's solo exhibition Vox POPULI on this website.

  • We are pleased to announce that Kim Keller will be showing a collection of street photographs at the Hamilton Gallery (Baltimore, MD). In The Streets 2  will run January 5 through February 26. Congratulations Kim!

  • Gallery director John Manno presents three pieces of his own work from his series Misbegotten Places in the ArtsThrive exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum of Art (New Mexico). The exhibit / fundraiser runs from March 17 through April 14.

  • View the Solo Exhibitions of Lynn Bianchi and Janice Mehlman.

  • Current Exhibits:  Flash #14 - ORDINARY OBJECTS  and SELF PORTRAITS IN FOCUS

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solo exhibits


View the curated exhibits of photographers whose

works have contributed to the dialogue of photography



Hand-selected from our many talented photographers for their unique vision.

open calls


Consider submitting your best work to one or all of these upcoming exhibitions



Everything has consequences

Deadline extended: March 31

$35 entry fee.

First Place prize: $200

Second Place:    $100

Third Place:         $50

FLASH #15:


Free to enter

No other fees


See the ever-expanding gallery of photographs available for sale directly from our website.


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