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Our Mission

Decagon Gallery is an online photo gallery dedicated to showcasing photography from around the world. With monthly exhibitions curated by our team of experts, we offer an ever-changing collection of impactful photographs.

We also award cash prizes to the most outstanding pieces of art. This encourages our artists to keep striving for excellence, and for our viewers to keep coming back for more. Get inspired and explore the world of Decagon Gallery today.

             See our current open calls here >>


Consider submitting your best work to one or all of these upcoming exhibitions:  'Openings', 'The Beauty of Still Life' and 'Fictional Narrative'. 

photo titled Five Open Doors
antique books
Chair on streetcorner


The Beauty of Still Life

Doors to New Perspectives
and Possibilities

Exploring the Artistry and Meaning
of Everyday Objects 

August 1 - 31

September 1 - 30

Fictional Narrative 

Exploring the Power of
Storytelling in Photography

October 1 - 31

Deadline: July 10

Deadline: August 10

Deadline:September 10

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